Business Phone Systems

Enterprise-level telecom functions with maximum long-term savings

In this modern age of communications, small businesses need advanced phone systems that provide more capabilities than traditional landlines. MY IT PRO’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems solutions provide the same benefits that are key to the success of large enterprises, minus the high costs and complex setups.

When you partner with us, you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls, conduct video conferences, forward calls to mobile phones via the internet, and so much more to boost your communication and cost-efficiency.

Making and taking calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line results in big-time savings, and a host of other benefits:

  • Simple scalability – Software-based telecom allows you to add users with ease.
  • Convenience – VoIP won’t require calls to the phone company to manage things.
  • Predictability – Your VoIP software always works and your bills have no surprises.
  • Improved mobility – Connect to calls, voicemails, and web conferences from any device.
  • Efficiency – Emails, faxes, virtual meetings, and more, all from your VoIP phone system.

MY IT PRO’s phone systems can be installed at your facility or in the cloud for even greater convenience